Why is Cyber Security Important?

There are endless cyber threats out there, with more forming every day. It is borderline impossible for your business to keep up with all of them while still managing your overall risk strategy. Some threats tend to be low risk, depending on your field — but others can render entire organizations useless.
Understanding the primary threats to you and your business is crucial to staying safe. Prioritizing your defenses based on how you and the employees in your company might encounter these issues is an absolute necessity, especially as technology grows.

TekMate is an information technology company that offers unlimited IT support for business owners and manufacturers in Sarasota and Manatee County, Florida. Below, we will give you a brief glimpse at one of the worst tech threats to your business. If you feel like your information is at risk or would like to learn more about potential threats, contact our team today.


Ransomware is one of the largest IT threats that a business can face. It can quickly and efficiently cripple your business before you can even figure out how it happened. There are three key reasons that people should have ransomware at the forefront of their mind, both in their business and personal lives:

  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, the prevalence of ransomware in the technology world has greatly increased. People have been using and relying on their computers increasingly, and have therefore become bigger targets for this malicious software. With more people online, there is a larger pool of potential victims.

  • Rendering the threat of the software useless against your organization and its infrastructure is actually relatively easy. Ensuring that your employees are aware of the risks and how attackers tend to take advantage of people can go a long way in preventing an attack. Human error is one of the common faults that leads to infection. Additionally, businesses should have basic protections in place that should be able to keep themselves safe. It is a pretty straightforward process to stay safe.

  • One of the most dangerous aspects of ransomware is that its damage to your information increases with time. The longer that it is allowed to live in your system, the more access it gains to your information. If it manages to get deep enough into your IT structure, it can threaten the long-term existence of your entire organization.

Many businesses make the mistake of considering themselves “too small” to be a target for one of these attacks. For many smaller threats, this may be true. However, Ransomware is no longer something that any organization can afford to take lightly. While it used to require a fair amount of sophistication for criminals to deploy Ransomware, that is no longer the case. DIY ransomware kits are readily available on the dark web and are quite accessible to would-be hackers for a low price.

Don’t put your organization at unnecessary risk. Contact TekMate to help protect yourself today, because ransomware has become less of an “if” situation and more of a “when?”