Strategy Innovation

Innovative Alignment

Technology strategy and infrastructure are integral to a company’s ability to succeed. High-performance enterprises have their technology strategy and infrastructure aligned with their business model to achieve their desired outcomes more efficiently and cost-effectively than many competitors.

At TEKMATE, we call this Innovative Alignment. Our team of Business Technology Advisors is made up of Engineers and Technicians that can help leaders bridge the gap and accelerate the IT to business model alignment journey. A lack of alignment between technology and strategy is inevitable for most small to medium-sized businesses because many choices are made for them by technical resources or operators that do not consider or understand the company’s need to drive specific outcomes or strategies.

By choosing TEKMATE, radically aligning IT with business outcomes will place your company into a more competitive posture in terms of efficiency, cost management, and a jobs-to-be-done approach to your desired outcomes across your entire business model.

Adapting Strategy

TEKMATE is built on the foundation of innovative alignment which allows us to better understand your company’s values, products, processes, and operations. Our focus is entirely on how to facilitate positive outcomes for your company and on being a close partner throughout the engagement.

In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on technology to get jobs done, it is important for your IT systems and strategies to support and advance your company’s goals. TEKMATE was instituted to help bridge a gap between business strategy and actual desired outcomes.

We would love to spend some time with you if you’re a leader looking to give your company an edge or have ideas about how technology innovation can push your business aspirations into reality.

Jobs-to-be-Done Approach (JTBD)

Customer segments aren’t based on demographics, they are based on how customers struggle differently to get a job done. A Job-to-be-Done is a process a consumer goes through whenever they aim to change their existing situation into a preferred one, but cannot because there are constraints that stop them. If you are working through innovation or new ideas, TEKMATE aims to be a friend and partner in supporting your company’s JTBD journey.

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