Business Continuity


There are bound to be bumps in the road for your Sarasota County or Manatee County, FL business as you continuously work towards and maintain success. Whether these bumps originate from cyber security threats or other unforeseen difficulties, it’s important to ensure proper business continuity — all so you can make it through rough times with little to no disruptions in your overall processes. TEKMATE can provide the right timely, hands-on support you need to deal with any business interruptions, and create a business continuity plan for the future. We believe in providing an innovative alignment approach to IT management, which involves working closely with businesses to identify what matters to them, their individual needs, and finding the right IT solutions. If you are searching for an IT company that hears you and listens to your needs, contact us today to get started and to spark a conversation about your business!

Our business continuity solutions integrate seamlessly with all of our other services to ensure total continuity in the midst of complication.

If your business experiences unforeseen difficulties, you want an IT management company that serves you. We have 27/7 support so that if you need a problem fixed, we can help you smooth out the process.

The best way to prevent difficulty from impacting your business is to be prepared. We can help you come up with strategic planning for when the world turns upside down.


IT backup solutions are critical in order to avoid losing professional momentum and to continuously service your clients. If your online networks go down for any reason, a personalized plan from TEKMATE can help you revive it and ensure all your employees are operating productively in as little time as possible. There may be unplanned interruptions due to cyber security threats or utility outages, but either way your company needs a plan that takes into account several different factors: your business type, your professional needs, what is in your best interests. TEKMATE can help you curate ideal business continuity solutions no matter your industry!


Whether you have current systems in place or are looking for a new system design, TEKMATE can help meet you where you are. We are able to provide you with planning in case of failure, and provide excellent assistance when you need it most. No matter what your needs are, we are here to help. Don’t let a bump in the road stop you from running your business. Reach out to TEKMATE today!

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Unique businesses require unique IT management solutions. At TEKMATE, we believe in taking a deep-dive into what your company is all about and what matters most to you. From there, we function as a close partner and true friend throughout our professional partnerships, helping you integrate technological systems that ensure productivity and ease. Don’t let anything stop you from going about your daily routine! External circumstances may impact your business, but internal processes should never impact your customer base. Reach out to TEKMATE today to learn more about our process and what we can do for you.

As an IT company in Sarasota and Manatee County, Florida, we are available to provide hands-on services to our clients. No more waiting on huge companies to send out contractors, we provide our own technicians to expertly assist should a section of your business operating system fail. We develop personal relationships with our clients to ensure that we hear your needs and are able to meet them. If you are worried about business continuity issues, TEKMATE can assist you with strategic planning and preparation for any situation.